I take a holistic approach to treating you and I will always consider your treatment and lifestyle goals during the process.  I use a variety of treatment techniques, some highlighted below:

                                                  Acupuncture for pain relief

Mobilisations/Manual therapy

Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT)

Cranial Techniques & Myofascial  Release

Kinesiology Taping for improved function  

 Biomechanical Assessments

 Muscle Energy Techniques 

   APPI Modified Pilates 

1:1 Pilates


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Modified Pilates: 

Joseph Pilates was a German born in 1880. He became a prisoner of war in WW1. Whilst a POW he became an expert in exercises for himself and also for his fellow prisoners. In particular he was known for his help in rehabilitation. After the war Joseph immigrated to America where his exercise routines became fairly established, particularly within the New York Ballet. Today his exercises are known worldwide.

The type of Pilates exercises used by physiotherapists have been adapted to ensure they are safe, gentle and specific to building a strong core of abdominal, low back and pelvic floor muscles essential for supporting your spine.  Thus creating a stable base from which we can move during our active day.

    Improves posture and core stability

    Encourages overall fitness and conditioning

    Improves muscle imbalance

    Improves co-ordination and flexibility


Modified Pilates Classes:                                           COMING SOON!

 Beginners, Intermediate, Ante-Post-natal, Baby&Me, Kids

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